Bohdan Palowski Music

The composition studio was formally established in October 1996. However, the first realizations for the local RMF station, where I was the studio manager at the time, more or less at the same time with TVP, where I started working at that time, first in a regional station in Katowice, then in Warsaw at Woronicza, as a sound engineer in a studio, also at film productions.

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duże okno

Piano Black

I dedicate this album to my father who is celebrating his 100th birthday this year. And I dedicate to my son. It is a metaphor for merging three generations. (2019)

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brama garażowa kostka brukowa

Solitudo Aeterna

Solitudo aeterna 'means as much as' eternal loneliness, but such existential, one that everyone experiences alone all the time ... even being in a crowd of loving people. (2020)

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